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Are you buying or selling a letting or estate agency from / to your partners?

Find out how to do things right

There are so many things that can go wrong when you or one of your partners wants to exit from a business.

  • how do you know if you are paying or receiving a fair price for your shares?  
  • what is a fair period over which to pay or receive the money?  
  • what liabilities will the partner who is exiting be responsible for after they have left?  
  • what happens if an agreement cannot be reached? 
How can I help you?

I have dealt with the sale of estate and letting agencies collectively worth over £140 million in the last 6 years alone. My expertise will help ensure that your partnership split goes smoothly. Here’s how:
  • by advising on a fair value for the business 
  • by facilitating and negotiating between the business owners 
  • by advising on payment terms 
  • by advising on warranties and ongoing liabilities 
  • by helping to source expert solicitors and accountants 
  • by helping to ensure that the transaction goes through quickly and smoothly. 
Don’t let your negotiations hit deadlock and then risk paying tens of thousands of pounds in legal fees to sort things out.

Call to arrange a consultation on 0845 226 9053 

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