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Your personal business review and exit strategy plan

My Guidance


The best way for me to help your business is for me to visit your office to conduct a one to one business review. I will go through every aspect of your business in order to identify areas where improvements can be made including:


  • How to generate more valuations

  • How to convert more valuations into instructions

  • How to increase the instructions to sales ratio

  • How to reduce the fall through rate

  • How to increase fee levels

  • How to expand your geographic area

  • How to earn more money from cross selling

  • How to increase your profits



For lettings businesses I will also look at:


  • How to reduce the number of terminations

  • How to increase mark ups and other fees

  • How to increase management income

  • How to run an efficient management department

  • How to increase renewal income


I love carrying out these business reviews and many of my clients consider their first business review to be the best investment that they have ever made in their business.



Fees start at £1450 plus expenses and vat for a one day review so this is not a solution that will suit everyone. You need to have the desire to transform your business results and you need to be prepared to invest many hours of your time to implement my recommendations. The results however can be spectacular. A 20% - 30% - 50 % - even 100% increase in turnover is possible and I am absolutely certain that my advice will pay for itself many times over.

Call me for further details on 0845 226 9053

Money Back Guarantee

All consultancy work is covered by my money back guarantee. If you do not believe that the report

was worth the fee you will pay nothing. This tells you how confident I am about the quality of my advice.

One to One Coaching and telephone mentoring

In addition to my training courses I offer a coaching service for valuers and other senior staff either individually or in small groups.

Call me for further details on 0845 226 9053

Fees start at £250 per session plus VAT



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