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Now is a very good time to sell a letting business. Prices are at a record high and there are plenty of good buyers in the market.

Letting businesses are usually valued on a percentage of their turnover not their profit. The most valuable part of a letting business is the income from managed properties as this is the most secure revenue. Income from let only properties is valued at a much lower multiplier.

There is always a market for letting businesses, but sales businesses only achieve good prices for about 3 years in every housing market cycle. The market for sales businesses has been affected by the rise in interest rates and the current economic uncertainly and if possible you should wait for prices to recover before you sell.

Sales businesses are usually valued on a multiple of pre tax profit not on turnover. This is because it is harder to merge sales businesses than letting businesses.

There are 4 key things that we do to make sure that you get the best price. We will ensure that the sales prospectus shows the business in the best light. We will run a proper marketing campaign over a 6 week period with a formal closing date for offers art the end of it to ensure that you get the right price We will use our experience to help you to choose a reliable buyer. Most importantly of all we will use our experience to get your sale through first time at the price that was originally agreed.

Length of sale varies. It usually takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months to find a buyer, and then to get the sale through to completion. However we once completed a sale in 4 days.

The only way to be sure that you achieve the best price is to have several buyers bidding against each other to buy the business. We can do this far better than the business owner can themselves. The second major issue is that we have the expertise to get the sale through first time. Most private sales fall through usually because the buyer tries to reduce the price agreed later in the process. The buyers are much less likely to behave like this if we are involved in the sale.

There are many things that you can do in the months before you sell  that will increase the value of your business considerably. Please go to the consultancy page for more information about how we can help you to do this.

Unfortunately, we only act for sellers. We feel that it would be a conflict of interest to advise buyers on how to buy a business at below market value.

Yes. Please find all information on our services on partnerships splits here.

The way that the numbers are presented can make a huge difference to the saleability and value of a business. We will spend a lot of time getting this right before launching your business onto the market.

In order to protect your confidentiality we will NEVER advertise your business anywhere. We work entirely from our extensive database of qualified buyers.

In addition to looking at the headline price, we will consider every other aspect of each offer. This includes payment terms, the arrangements for the premises and staff, the terms of the warranties and indemnities, the treatment of debtors and creditors, the amount of working capital required, the financing arrangements, and, most importantly of all, the reputation and past performance of the buyer. Very often our experience tells us that the highest offer is not the best offer.

We go to great lengths to protect your confidentiality. Details will only be sent to buyers on our database, and they will not even know which town or city your business is located, until they have signed a non-disclosure agreement. No one will be sent details until you give us your consent in writing.

Choosing a broker who specialises in the sale of estate agency and letting businesses is critical to securing a proper deal. Choosing a general broker who will not have the right buyers or the expertise to secure the completion of the deal will leave you with wasted time and lost money. You need someone who has dealt with hundreds of previous sales, not a newcomer. You need a company with the staffing resources to do the job properly instead of a one man band. You need someone who understands how to run an estate agency and lettings business and how to increase the profit, not just someone who sells them. We can do all of these things for you which is why we have been so successful. To find out for visit the selling page.

We have 8 staff members in total, including Adam. Here at Adam J Walker, we have the time and resources to do the job properly and efficiently.

We opened in November of 1992, over 30 years.

Despite 27 years’ experience we cannot know this. If our recommended guide price is enough to allow you to move on to the next stage in your life, then you should sell. If it is not enough, then we can work with you to prepare a business plan and consult you on how to achieve a higher value for your business.

You have worked endlessly for years to build your business, deciding when to sell can be an enormous decision.

You should complete the sentence “I will sell my business, and then I will……”

When you have a compelling answer to end the sentence, then the time is right for you to sell.

Recently sold businesses


Recently sold businesses



What Our Clients Say

“Hi Adam,

Thank you so much your help throughout has been superb.

Best of luck with your future.

Many thanks,”

Andy Matin
Matin Capital Limited

“Our journey to completion of the sale of our business has been a long and sometimes fraught experience as we navigated the obstacles of talking to potential buyers, losing potential buyers and then landing on the right buyer! During this time, Julie Drake was professionalism personified! She guided us with a firm hand when needed and with sympathy and understanding where required. At all times, Julie was calm and level-headed, never became flustered or frustrated, calmly reassuring us at all times. We felt totally at ease with Julie all the way through the process and her positive persona throughout gave us total peace of mind. The fact our buyers felt the same demonstrates that Julie was consistent over the course of the sale. We were very fortunate in our choice of buyer,  but more fortunate to have had such a fantastic broker as Julie. We certainly could not have dealt with the sale on our own and  could not recommend her any higher to any would-be agency seller.”

Hugh & Gloria White
Whites Independent Lettings

“Having decided to retire after 44 years in my current business, I chose Adam J Walker and Associates to advise me and to carry out marketing discretely.  I have to say, I have been very happy with the service and assistance received from them in bringing the sale to a very satisfactory conclusion.”

Colin Ollive
SD Lambert in Upton

“Julie provided excellent service that I received before, during and after I put my business with Adam J Walker for sale. A number of potential buyers were quick to show interest and the asking price was achieved.
Even after the sale had gone through Adam J Walker remained "on hand" to help and advise me.

I can highly recommend them.”

Terry Rogers
Castle Estates Ltd

"Adam provided an excellent service from start to finish. During the initial stages he recommended a number of interested parties, all of which seemed very credible and after a series of meetings we were in a fortunate position of having several offers to consider. After we accepted an offer and began the legal work and due diligence, Adam provided invaluable advice and helped us overcome several obstacles in what can be a very stressful process. Throughout the sale I was continually impressed by Adam’s responsiveness and having now completed on the sale we are very grateful for the assistance that he provided. If you are looking to sell your letting/estate agency business, I would highly recommend speaking with Adam Walker."

Craig Wildy
Beresford Residential

"Adam was invaluable in working through the complexities of the sale, extremely professional and always available"

Luke Simpson
Aston Rowe Lettings

"Adam was brilliant. His detailed knowledge and experience was invaluable and his recommendation of a suitable solicitor was crucial. I’m not sure we would have got through the due diligence without the solicitor’s specialist knowledge."

Mike Dewhurst
Dewhurst Lettings

"Adam has been providing invaluable services to my business for over five years. Adam not only ensured we got the right value for our business but also stayed with me step-by-step throughout the duration and his expertise and advice was pivotal in securing the sale."

Steven Govier
London Residential

"Adam’s depth of knowledge in the sale of estate and letting agencies is well known in the industry. We weren’t disappointed. He was informative and responsive from the outset. His negotiation skills secured an excellent deal and he was on hand to deal with challenges and issues as they arose during the process ensuring a positive result."

Paul Connolly
Orchards of London

“It was a very quick sale. The buyers are the perfect fit to take over our lettings business and we achieved our anticipated price. The communication between all parties was expertly handled as was the sales progression and progress. Well done to all at Adam Walker.” 

Peter Large
Peter Large and Co


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Are you Selling a Letting Agency?