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“when the time comes to sell your business, you can trust me to get you the best price from the right buyer quickly and discreetly. Call me now on 0845 226 9053 or email me at adam@adamjwalker.co.uk to arrange a free valuation without obligation.”

Are you thinking of selling your business? If you want to achieve the best possible price for your business then you have come to the right place. I can offer you:

1. Unrivalled expertise
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I have been an estate agent for thirty-five years. I started my career in 1980 as a negotiator with Duncan Gray and Company in West London and finished it as Managing Director of Norwich Union Estate Agents, a position that I held until 1992. In the twenty-three years since then, I have worked as a trusted advisor to many of the largest and most successful companies in the UK. My deep understanding of the estate agency and letting industry will play an important part in ensuring that I get the best price for your business.

2. An accurate valuation
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My experience will ensure that I give you an accurate and realistic valuation for your business. If you go to the market at too high a price, there is a real risk that the marketing campaign will stall and you will end up with a lower price than you could have achieved.

3. Better presentation
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The way that you present your business for sale can have a huge bearing on the price that you achieve. My expertise will ensure that your business is presented in the best possible light in order to achieve the best price.

4. More buyers
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The contacts that I have built up over the last thirty-five years are unrivalled. Many of the people that I sell to are people that I have known for many years. More buyers means more competition to buy your business and a better price.

5. A better marketing process
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My marketing process is designed to ensure that several carefully selected and qualified buyers compete against each other in a fair and ethical manner. This is a very important part of getting the best price.

6. Confidentiality
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My extensive industry contacts will ensure that your business will never have to be advertised for sale. Prospective buyers will not even be told which town you are in until they have signed a non-disclosure agreement and your staff and clients will not find out that you are selling your business until you are ready to tell them.

7. A smooth and trouble-free sale
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Getting a sale agreed is often the easy part. A great many things can go wrong with the business sale and a high proportion of sales fall through. My experience will help to spot many of the common problems before they occur and resolve them when they do. I can also recommend solicitors, accountants, due diligence experts and tax advisors in order to ensure that your sale goes through first time.

8. A smaller tax bill
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The way that the sale is structured can have a huge impact on the amount of tax that you pay. I have considerable expertise of structuring sales in the most tax-efficient way.

9. A smoother handover
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In addition to achieving the best price, I will also ensure that your staff’s jobs are protected, that your clients are treated respectfully and that you have a secure contract of employment if you want one. Very often, these non-financial issues can make or break a sale.

10. No sale, no fee
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Unlike most other brokers, I work on a no sale, no fee basis. The only way that you will pay me a penny is from the proceeds of a successful sale.

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