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A154 London 54% lettings, 46% sales £1.2m Sale Agreed
A153 North West England 100% lettings £1m Available
A158 Home Counties 31% lettings 69% sales £1m Available
A163 East of England 100% lettings £850,000 Sale Agreed
A165 London 76% lettings, 24% sales £1.85m Sale Agreed
A159 South East England 100% lettings £1.25m Sale Agreed
A168 South East England 71% lettings 29% sales £2m Sale Agreed
A169 South East England 32% lettings 68% sales £1.65m Sale Agreed
A170 South East England 100% commercial lettings £6m Available
A174 London 49% lettings 51% sales £675,000 Sale Agreed
A173 East of England 85% lettings 15% sales £1m Sale Agreed
A96 South East England 77% lettings 23% sales £11.5m Available
A175 South East England 67% lettings 33% sales £1.75m Available
A172 South East England 55% lettings 45% sales £6m Available
A178 South East England 91% lettings 9% sales £25m Sale Agreed
A179 South East England 100% lettings £1.6m Available
A176 East of England 100% lettings £1.4m Available
A183 South East England 55% lets 45% sales £1.1m Available
A184 North East England 36% lettings 64% sales £1.25m Available
J222 East of England 100% lettings £525,000 Sale Agreed
J239 Home Counties 69% lettings, 31% sales £650,000 Available
J241 West Midlands 98% lettings 2% sales £385,000 Sale Agreed
J240 North West England 79% lettings 21% sales £420,000 Sale Agreed
J242 West Midlands 46% lettings 54% sales £460,000 Available
J244 West Midlands 81% lettings 19% sales £200,000 Sale Agreed
J41 Gloucestershire £41% lettings 59% sales £650,000 Available
J187 South West England 48% lettings 52% sales £300,000 Available
J243 South Wales/South West England 78% lettings 22% sales £1.275M Available
J186 South East England 90% lettings 10% sales £465,000 Available

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