Don’t allow technology to become your enemy

Don't allow technology to become your enemy

My article last month about how companies are using Covid as an excuse to reduce service levels generated quite a few responses. So this month I am going to develop this theme further. Last month, I dealt with things that companies are doing or not doing that have clearly got nothing to do with Covid.…

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Has COVID Killed Customer Service Levels?

Has COVID killed customer service levels?

My beautiful dog died last week. He was old and frail and riddled with arthritis but nothing can prepare you for the loss of a much-loved pet. The only consolation is the realisation that the only way to avoid the pain of losing a dog is to never have one at all and I would…

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A very busy time for Adam J Walker

The first quarter of 2021 has been very busy for Adam J Walker with a record number of sales being reported in areas right across the country. Despite the effects of the pandemic, sales of Estate and Letting Agencies have been very buoyant with many sales, especially of managed letting agencies, attracting strong competition. Broker…

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The End Of Let-only Contracts?

It is commonly accepted that the property market has survived Covid-19 well but this is not entirely true. The truth is that some sectors of the market have done very much better than others. Residential sales agents have been to hell and back. When the first lockdown was announced last spring, many agents felt that…

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Laughter is the Best Medicine

The pandemic has affected different people in very different ways. Sectors such as hospitality have been hit incredibly hard and many thousands of people have lost everything they own through no fault of their own. Other sectors including estate agents, letting agents and indeed business transfer agents have continued to trade very well and those…

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Why big is sometimes good

It seems that almost every time another one of our business sales is announced, there is a cacophony of comments on the trade portals about why big businesses are bad and small businesses are good. On the residential sales side, this may actually be true. There are still a lot of independently owned residential sales…

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The housing market is crucial to the economy

the housing market is crucial to the economy

The national papers and the trade press have been full of articles recently about whether estate agents should still be allowed to stay open during the lockdown. I am firmly of the opinion that they should but with restrictions. The housing market is of huge importance to the economy. The total revenue earned by estate…

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Why buying a letting book makes sense

Several of our big business sales have been announced over the last few weeks and the trolls have been busy slagging off the buyers. Their view is that the buyers have paid far too much money for what they have bought and that they will never get it back because the landlords will all leave…

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What Will Happen to the Market in 2021?

People ask me how I think the housing market will be next year about twenty times a day at the moment so I’m going to break the habit of a lifetime and answer the question. So, here we go. I think the market in 2021 will be similar to the market that we had in…

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